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Watch Model Anok Yai Do Her Model-Off-Duty Smudged Eyeliner Look

The supermodel and Vogue's May 2023 cover star shares her daily beauty routine, from skin care to face-lifting brows and lived-in eyeliner. Director: Gabrielle Reich Director of Photography: Josh Herzog Editor: Tajah Smith Production Manager: Kit Fogarty Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar Global Casting Director: Ignacio Murillo Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James Supervising Editor: Kameron Key Assistant Editor: Andy Morell Filmed at: The William Vale

Released on 04/01/2023


[light music]

Hey, Vogue, it's Anok

and I'm here to do my skincare routine

and a makeup look for y'all.

I have Phloretin C.

I feel like an influencer.

Every morning, five drops.

[light music continues]

I have super oily skin,

but then when I have days of shooting a lot

or during fashion week, it gets really dry.

At night, pump serums,

so much serums onto my skin, it's crazy.

So I got these from 111SKIN.

I put them in the fridge every morning.

I use it to help with drainage,

lymphatic drainage and deep puffing.

[light music continues]


I use SPF 50 and I wear sunscreen mainly on my face

and I wear it every day.

The past year and a half

I've been really good about wearing sunscreen on my skin.

I used to never wear it.

Once I started having an actual skincare routine,

it helped a lot with my hyperpigmentation.

The last thing that I use is my eye drops.

I would die without these.

So that is it for the actual skincare stuff.

I start with dark brown, I put it in the front.

[light music continues]

I literally will go into any store

and then whatever black pencil, they have, I just take.

I don't normally follow the arch

so my arch is actually here.

I like to bring them up and I'll usually tweeze these out.

I come in with my concealer

and I kind of just let it sit there for a few minutes

while I do my foundation.

So my favorite foundation right now is Pat's.

I hate the feeling of foundation on my skin.

I actually don't like using brushes.

I prefer to use my hand.

Pat is my fashion godmother.

So when we're doing shows,

I'll have a tendency to beg Pat for lashes.

I always go back and forth with her

for lashes and my eyebrows

and then there was one time where I was

joking around with her backstage.

She said, No, do not do your own eyebrows.

'Cause she knew I was gonna do 'em too dark

and the look was bleached brow or no brow

and I foolishly tried to see if I can get away with it

and then she actually rubbed my eye,

licked her thumbs and rubbed my eyebrows off

before I got on the runway.

But it looked really good and when we're backstage,

Pat's energy just calms me down a lot.

She's our mom.

When I do something like a full look like this,

it's usually I'll have a dinner

or me and my friend have an outing.

I'm on the cover of Vogue, yeah!

I shot the cover for this certain Paris Fashion Week

with Anne Leibovitz and we actually shot it on the rooftop

of the Grand Palace and it was insane

but so exciting 'cause I think the whole thing was shut down

so we kind of like just took it over

and did what we had to do.

My mom did not allow me to wear makeup younger

so I would steal her makeup,

do my makeup in the bathroom before class.

When I got back home, I would wipe it all off

before she saw.

I really hooded eyes

so I like to do a really thin layer, liner.

I think I got this at CVS, it's from L'Oreal.

[light music continues]

During New York Fashion Week,

I had an event directly after the show

and I didn't have time to go back to my crib to change.

It was my photographers and my PR team in the trunk,

my hair stylist in the backseat, me in the middle,

my makeup artists on the two seats on the side

with my sister and my driver in the front

and my dad in the front seat

and I did an entire hair and makeup look change

on the floor of my Escalade.

It was my parents' first times seeing me in my element,

just doing my job and I was like,

Oh no, this is fine, everything's fine.

I am obsessed with lashes.

I like to use black glue.

I use the Duo.

A tiny mount right here.

I'm obsessed with vinyl records.

I have six Nina Simone vinyl records

and I'll just bounce in between.

Then when I'm painting,

I'll actually play movie soundtracks.

I play a soundtrack for Annihilation

and the soundtrack for All Quiet on the Western Front.

If it's Fashion Week, I'll literally start my day

with like Lil Durk and Lil Baby, all the lils.

[light music continues]

And I like to line the corner of my lips

just to accentuate them.

Usually I'll use a dark brown

but to continue the theme of black,

I wanted to do black and see what it looks like.

Some clear lip gloss.

I am like a one trick pony.

I tend to do the same makeup look over and over again.

I get inspo from a lot of movies

spanning from the 1960s to the 90s.

So I was watching the movie Barry Lyndon.

In that movie, the men actually wore the most makeup.

Finally, men have to experience the feeling

of having tons of makeup on you

on the runway and wearing heels

'cause I saw y'all Crip walking down backstage.

But y'all pull it together during the show.

When I do my makeup for MET,

I like to have one thing that's out of the norm.

So the last time I went with Michael Kors

and we had this beautiful pink gown.

I wanted the makeup to be quite simple

so all the focus could be on the dress

and then the idea that me and Sheika had

was to put pink highlighter on the collarbones

and then on my shoulders, coming down

and then the side of my face was all pink

so I really liked that.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

I found out about this backstage actually.

[light music continues]

This Fashion Week felt like the most difficult.

The shows seemed like they were a lot closer together

than they usually are during the season.

There was one day where I had four shows

and I started off with my driver

and then my agent called me and he said,

You're not gonna make it on time if you use a car.

So we got a motorcycle and I basically

was a riding motorcycle all throughout the city.

I'm blessed to be doing this as a career, so can't complain.

[light music continues]

I will be right back.

So this is the final look.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Thank you for watching and I'll see you soon.

[light music continues]

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