Blake Livelys Easy HalfUp HalfDown Hairstyle Is Super Versatile
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Blake Lively’s Easy Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Is Super Versatile

If you’re in the market for a hairstyle that keeps your hair off your face, but still has all the drama of a long, loose style, make like Blake Lively with a half-up half-down ponytail. A popular style for the summer months, not only is it great for creating detail in an otherwise simple look, it can also help to take the weight out of thicker lengths, for added breeziness on warmer days.

Photo: Blake Lively/@blakelively

Lively showed off her own take on the half ponytail in a series of photographs shared to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Created by hairstylist Jennifer Yepez, the style saw Lively’s super-long lengths curled and tied up into a half pony at the crown of her head. Paired with glossy skin, fluttery lashes, and a rosy lip, the aesthetic was natural but polished.

The actor—who gave birth to her fourth daughter in February—was certainly feeling her new look, and credited her glam team (Yepez and makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez) with “making [her] feel like human Facetune.” Glam she may look, but in words that will resonate with any woman who’s juggling kids (including a newborn) and work, Lively confessed: “I’m just so proud I left the house.”