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“I’ve always had a skin-care routine,” says actor Brie Larson. Her regimen has changed a lot over the years, especially when longer jobs meant more makeup-wearing and touchups on set. “My personal routine is very simple, mostly because I’m a little lazy, but the other part is because it allows my skin a bit of recharging and breathing.” Despite her busy schedule, Larson, who will star in upcoming film The Marvels, does not want people to know how tired she might be, often searching for preventative, reliable beauty products and wellness solutions to help her look and feel more rested. “People need to know that I’m doing the impossible with ease!” she muses. Here, she shares her easy, everyday routine, from energy-boosting supplements to taming flyaways.

Skin care begins with two pumps of Retrouvé’s cleaning elixir before Joanna Vargas’s revitalizing under-eye patches and an ice roller massage. “This is heaven to me,” says Larson. “I have to travel a lot for work, so finding tricks like this that allow me to feel like I have a bit of ritual—taking care of myself [without] a big lift—is lovely.” Next, Larson cocktails Decorté’s reparative serum, hydrating lotion, and eye serum beneath de Mamiel’s calming moisturizer. Lips, on the other hand, are treated with a Mario Badescu mask. With her skin prepped, she indulges in Vital Protein’s caffeine-infused capsules and Strawberry Lemon Collagen Water, two supplements that support her active lifestyle. Since filming Captain Marvel, movement as a means of expression has become important for her. Whether its dancing lessons or intensive workouts, Larson knows she’ll go all-in. “So, because I know that about myself, I’m very clear about taking breaks.” 

Onto makeup, Chantecaille’s tinted moisturizer provides lightweight coverage and necessary sun protection. Westman Atelier’s blush imparts a rosy wash of color to her cheeks, while Decorté’s eye pigment delivers a subtle shimmer to her lids, which are then accentuated by a coat of mascara. Larson keeps brows simple with a few swipes of the Glossier Boy Brow, moments before a glossy liquid lipstick perfects her pout. She takes her hair down, sprays a flyaway-smoothing hair mask, and applies several drops of Osea’s body oil to complete her routine. “I know it’s simple, but this is how I go out in the world,” she says. “Thank you for joining me. I hope you feel happy and safe in your body.” 

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