Charli XCXs Coachella Wardrobe Was All About “Toughness”
Photo: Terry O’Connor

Charli XCX’s Coachella Wardrobe Was All About “Toughness”

For weekend one, the pair landed on Marni’s hooded bomber jacket and leather bodysuit complete with metal piercings, chains, and rhinestones. The singer finished off the look with embellished over-the-knee boots—a favorite of the duo’s. “Charli and I both were obsessed with the boots they made,” says Horan. “The scrunched texture and shape was so sick, and exactly what we had imagined.” Of the outfit-making boots, Charli adds, “I never wanted to take them off—although I had to, because I was boiling.”

For weekend two, they switched up the vibe and went for deconstructed suiting by Valentino. “When we started playing with the possibility of suits, I just immediately thought of pop-punk, and how funny it would be if I did a very on-the -nose take on that,” says the singer. “But of course, I still made it very Charli.” To do that, she wore a sequined bra top underneath a classic messy button-up and tie. “The Valentino looks had such a cool sense of ease to them,” says Horan. “I loved the sequin texture of pants. It felt like the perfect send off to the ‘Crash’ era by experimenting with something new.”

Photo: Terry O’Connor

Charli’s last album, Crash, was all about playing up Charli’s identity as a pop star—meaning, there was loads of sexiness, leather, and skin-revealing silhouettes. Her Coachella attire embodied that to a dramatic degree, and Charli says she’s now ready for a brand new fashion era. What will that look like? Charli gives a hint to her fans: “Follow @360_brat, and maybe you’ll get fed some clues.”

Below, a closer look at Charli’s Coachella experience.